The Independent Woman Weekend Retreat

Empowering Women for Success

The Independent Woman Weekend Retreat is designed to start women down the path to creating new streams of income through real estate. It is also designed to provide them with training that can help them overcome the fears that may be holding them back.

The Independent Woman Training Team will be encouraging women every step of the way with hands-on exercises as well as examples from the real-life stories of other women who have overcome obstacles and become successful investors, landlords, and entrepreneurs.

You will leave this unique experience brimming with confidence, filled with motivation to succeed, and better equipped with knowledge to overcome obstacles yourself.

During this weekend, you will discover things about yourself and your potential as well as make new friends with women who share your interests and passions. In addition, you will discover multiple tested and proven strategies that have successfully created short-term profits and long-term cash flow for women across the country in good economies and slow economies.

Our instructors will also help women tailor a personal action plan patterned to fit their experience level, skills, and long-range goals. This plan is designed to help women stay motivated, focused, and on track for investing success!

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Join us for a weekend where you can get renewed, refreshed, and ready to create a life of financial security for you and the ones you love. Registering is fast and easy. Just fill out the form at the right of the screen and get started on your journey to become The Independent Woman that you know is in you.

Even if you've never invested on your own before, the Independent Woman Training Team will walk you through this enriching information, giving you guidance and sharing their personal insights.

This is a weekend retreat that is all about YOU and helping YOU begin your journey to an exciting, vibrant life of financial independence and freedom!

Here's a sample of the topics you will encounter at The Independent Woman Weekend Retreat:

  • Developing The Independent Woman Mindset
  • Overcoming the Fears That May Hold You Back
  • Generating Additional Income for You and Your Family
  • Finding the Financing to Fund Your Investments
  • Forming Strong Networks with Like-Minded Women Who Can Help You Achieve Success
  • Creating a Personal Action Plan for a Healthy Financial Life
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